Welcome to the Roulette Trainer App

(Currently available for android only)


The Roulette Trainer app was designed specifically for dealers who are learning to deal the game of roulette.

- Times tables
- Picture bets
- Payout scenarios. Scenarios start out easy, and get more and more difficult, until even the most seasoned roulette dealer will be challenged.


Start out by learning times tables (up to 25):

Splits (17)
Straight Ups (35)
Corners (8)
S treets (11)
Six Lines (5)
First Fives (6) - American roulette only. The app covers both American (double zero) and European (single zero) roulette.

Then move on to Picture Bets. We have included 25 of them in the app.

Next comes the fun bit. Practice randomly generated payout scenarios. Choose from:

Splits and Straight Ups
Splits, Straight Ups and Corners
Splits, Straight Ups, Corners and Streets
Splits, Straight Ups, Corners, Streets and Six Lines
Splits, Straight Ups, Corners, Streets, Six Lines and First Fives (American roulette only)

We have even included a Quick Times Tables section.

There will come a time when you cannot remember the answer to 35 x 17 (or some other times table). When this happens, just jump to the Quick Times Tables section, to get an immediate answer.


Start out by choosing:

- American Roulette (red buttons throughout the app)


- European Roulette (blue buttons throughout the app)

Next comes a choice of what you want to practice.




- Times Tables (Not all times tables are shown in this screenshot)

- Picture Bets

- Quick Times Tables

- More Options (payout scenarios)

This shows your options if you have chosen to practice Times Tables.


In this example, Straight Ups, has been chosen (see 'Straight Ups' in yellow at the top of the screen?)



This is a screen shot of 'More Options' (payout scenarios).


Once you have learned all the times tables, you can progress to payout scenarios which include more than just one times table.


Each scenario adds more and more times tables, until you are adding up all times tables in a single bet.

How much does 11 Straight Ups pay?

(See next graphic)




- Chips are stepped in 5's, as they would be in a real casino.

- The number of chips in the stack is written on top of the chips.

- The number of chips in a graphic, is always written in yellow text above the 'Answer' button.

When you press the 'Answer' button, the answer appears.

Chips appear randomly on the layout.

Here's the answer to the above payout scenario.

Picture Bets are VITAL to the professional roulette dealer. They provide 'shortcuts' to adding up payouts.


Just memorize the pattern of chips on the layout.


There are LOTS of Picture Bets, and the more you memorize, the faster you can add up payouts.


This screenshot shows the most common Picture Bet. 1 Split, and 1 Straight Up, pays 52. (You'll never have to add 35 and 17 again!)


We have included 25 Picture Bets in the app.

Picture Bet names help you to remember Picture Bets. (DECK OF CARDS - there are 52 cards in a deck.)

Another Picture Bet.


Once you learn that the 'X Pattern' pays 67, you'll never have to add 4 Corners, and 1 Straight Up ever again!

Once you've learned all the times tables, there comes a time when you panic, and cannot remember the answer to 35 x 16 for the life of you!


How do we know this? Because we've all been there!


We've thought of this, and provided a 'Quick Times Tables' section in the app.


See next graphic of the Quick 35 times table.

Just click 16, and the answer appears. Yeah, you'll never forget the answer to 35 x 16 again!


We hope this app helps in your progress as a roulette dealer. If you have any suggestions for improvement, critical comments, or you would just like to tell us how the app has helped your career, we would love to hear from you.

All the best, from the Casino Training Software team.


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